Welcome to Istria – the land of wine, olive oils, and truffles. One of its crown jewels is the picturesque town of Rovinj.

Welcome to Istria – the land of wine, olive oils, and truffles. One of its crown jewels is the picturesque town of Rovinj.

Welcome to Istria – the land of wine, olive oils, and truffles. One of its crown jewels is the picturesque town of Rovinj.

What once was an island divided from the mainland by a canal, today is one of the most popular towns in Croatia – and rightfully so.

Enter through the Balbi’s Gate and start exploring the maze of cobblestoned streets. The Large Square is small and barely a square, the streets are narrow and the buildings are tall, making Rovinj the perfect place for some amazing photos.

Don’t miss the artsy Grisia Street, where once a year a big art festival takes place and everyone is welcome to display their work. The ideal place to get some local art!

Continue uphill and be rewarded with breathtaking views of islands and sea. Still, one island is missing – Cissa, the Croatian Atlantis, which sunk. Or did it ever exist at all?

Atop of the hill, you will find the famous St. Euphemia’s Church with Rovinj’s patron saint herself protecting it from the highest belltower in Istria. Enter the church and see the mysterious stone sarcophagus that, according to the legend, floated into Rovinj’s harbor.

Did you know that Rovinj had speakeasies centuries before the United States? Illegal taverns run by locals flourished under Venetian rule and some are still in business.

Proper sightseeing wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the market. Fresh fish and seafood, black and white truffles, Teran and Malvazija wines, and of course – olive oils! Flos Olei, the world-renown guide to olive oils, selected Istria as the best olive oil region in the world, for five years in a row already!

Carrera Street is the shopping street of Rovinj. Clothes, local products, and the best ice cream in town make it a pleasant walk. After a long walk, it is time to sit down and enjoy the best of local cuisine. Fuzi with truffles, ombolo, boškarin, black risotto, calamari, or scampi alla busara, the choice is yours and you can’t go wrong.

To explore Rovinj, its history and culture, and discover many hidden gems known only to locals, be sure to contact us and be our guests in this unique town.

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Rovinj Tours

Sign up for the tour and meet your guide at the Maršal Tito Square (main square) in front of the Boy with a Fish statue for an interesting 2-hour introduction to Rovinj. The tour covers all of the picturesque Old Town of Rovinj, including both the touristy must-sees and hidden gems known only to locals. Follow the orange umbrella, explore the narrow cobbled streets and enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the hill - this tour is all you need in Rovinj.
1.5 hours
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Istria is hiding some of the most beautiful medieval towns in the Mediterranean. Hum, the smallest town in the world, has only 30 inhabitants. Legend says it was built by the giants while they were building cities in the valley of Mirna with the stones leftovers. The other town is Motovun, surrounded by solid walls from the 11th century which have remained intact to these days.

The third town is Grožnjan, with the most attractive sights such as the old walls, forts, churches, and monuments. After visiting those three hidden gems, you arrive back in Rovinj in the evening hours.
8 hours
From from 420€
Discover the secrets of the city built on swamps and how it became one of the most enlightened cities of the western world. You will pass the most significant buildings and monuments and admire singing gondoliers, exotic architecture, and mysterious canals .

See the famous landmarks such as San Marco Square, learn about the legends of Casanova and Marco Polo , observe the artworks by the greatest Venetian painters and sculptors, and take a photo or two at the famous Rialto Bridge.
12 hours
From 420€
Starting in the morning, this 8-hour day tour will take you to the capital of Slovenia, the city of Ljubljana, and the most captivating cave in the world and the largest show cave in Europe – Postojna Cave.

Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital and the country's largest city, as well as one of Europe's greenest and most liveable capitals. In Ljubljana, you will go on a guided tour to learn more about the city and its history, and to experience the best of it during your 3-hour stay.

From Ljubljana, we'll proceed to the Karst region to discover Predjama Castle and the underground world of Postojna Cave, the most popular cave in the world. Predjama Castle is one of Europe's most impressive and magnificent castles. It teaches a clear lesson: if you want to build an impregnable fortification, put it in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a 123m cliff.

A guided tour of Postojna Cave consists of an electrical train ride, followed by a walk through beautiful passages and chambers with spectacular drop stones, pillars, limestone curtains, and other unforgettable formations.
8 hours
88 km²
14,294 (2011)
Church of St. Euphemia

Ljubljana and Postojna Cave from Rovinj

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