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About the Tours

Free Spirit Walking Tour

Does Free Spirit Walking Tour operate all year around?
Free Spirit Walking Tour is one of our group tours. Please find its’ schedule below.

11am tour every day except Dec 25 and Jan 1
5pm tour every day from May 1 until Oct 30

10am & 6pm – every day from May 1 until Oct 30

10am & 6pm – every day from May 1 until Oct 30

Is the Free Spirit Walking Tour available in language other than English?
The Free Spirit Walking Tour is organized in English only, but we provide private tours in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

How many people will be on my tour?
The Free Spirit Walking Tour doesn’t have a quota and the groups might be bigger during high season. However, we do split the group into two smaller ones if there are more than 40 people.

How will we recognize the guide?
The guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point holding an orange umbrella.

How much should we tip the guide?
A tip is optional, and it is completely up to you whether you will tip and how much.

Can we book Free Spirit Walking Tour if we are group larger than 10 people?
The Free Spirit Walking Tour is a tour aimed at individuals and small groups of up to 9 people. If you want to join us for the city tour with a group of over 10 people, we can provide a private tour for your group. The price depends on the number of people and the tour language.

Other Free Spirit city tours

We have a baby in the stroller with us. Is it possible to join the tour?
Group city tours in Zagreb, Zadar and Dubrovnik are easy to take with a baby stroller. A regular Zagreb city tour includes about 100 stairs, but the rest of the route is quite easy and mostly flat. Zadar and Dubrovnik tour routes don’t include stairs at all, so rest assured that you can attend the tour with a baby stroller without any difficulties.

Is it possible to go for the tour in the wheelchair?
Group city tours toutes in Zagreb, Zadar and Dubrovnik are quite challenging for wheelchairs. However, smaller, private tours can use different routes to accommodate our guests in wheelchairs. Our suggestion is to take a private tour.

I booked for the tour for the wrong date? Can I reschedule it?
Yes, you can reschedule your spot. Feel free to contact us by chat, email or phone, and our agents will help you.

Is the pick-up included in the price?
Pick-up from your accommodation is included in the price of all the private city tours if accommodation is located centrally. If your accommodation isn’t within walking distance, you can meet your guide at our standard meeting point.

A pick-up for the group tours in not possible.

I would like to have a private tour instead of a group one. Is that possible?
Yes, every group tour can be organized as a private one as well. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to arrange the tour when it works best for you, depending on our capacities and the technical requirements.

Day Trips

Do you provide pick-up and is it included in the price?
Private day trips always include a pick-up.
Small group day trips usually include pick-ups from hotels located centrally. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide pick-ups from hostels and apartments due to technical difficulties, and you have to join us at a specified departure point.
Big group day trips do not include a pick-up, and they always begin at a scheduled departure point.
If pick-up is possible, it’s always included in the price. Feel free to contact us with a certain booking if you want to check pick-up possibilities for your day trip.

How much earlier should we get to the departure point?
Please meet us at the departure point 5 minutes before departure.

Multi-day Tours

Do you provide custom made tours?
All of our multi-day trips are private and custom made. Feel free to check out Custom Tour page and let us know what type of vacation are you looking for.

Are multi-day tours guided?
We provide both self-drive and guided tours. If you are interested in self-drive tours, you can meet our local guides at any location you visit. If you are interested in a guided tour, our driver-guide is with you from start to finish.

How much luggage can we take with us?
Since all of our multi-day tours are custom-made, we can provide a vehicle that meets all the requirements regarding the number of travelers and bags, or even organize an extra vehicle for luggage only. The amount of luggage depends on the number of travelers and the type of vehicle.

Before you depart

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Weather in Croatia

What’s the weather like in Croatia?
Croatia has a predominantly moderate climate, with four clearly marked seasons. Local climate differences are determined primarily by the diversity of the relief and proximity to the Adriatic Sea.

If you are wondering which clothes to take – make sure sure you bring rainwear along with your summer clothes and appropriate fall/winter clothing, with warmer garments for inland areas. You can check the weather forecast for the month in question at accuweather.com.

Do tours operate while it’s raining?
All the tours and day trips operate regularly, regardless of the weather.

Currency and payment information

Is the euro an accepted in Croatia?
The euro is NOT the official currency in Croatia. The only currency you can pay with is the Croatian kuna (HRK).

What are the payment options?
They depend on the tour you are interested in booking.

Group city tours and day trips can be paid for in advance online via bank transfer, PayPal and credit card, or in cash. If paying in cash, the only accepted currency is the Croatian kuna (HRK), which you pay on the spot unless stated differently. Some day trips have to be paid for in advance due to limited capacity.

Private city tours and day trips, as well as multi-day trips, have to be paid for via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card in advance. Private city tours and day trips should be paid for at least 5 days before arrival, while multi-day trips require a 30% down payment at booking, while the rest should paid for at least one month before arrival.

Is there a discount for children, students or seniors?
Group city tours tours are free of charge for children up to 7 years of age, while children up to 14 years of age have a 50% discount. All the other age groups pay the full price.
For shared day trips, there is a 50% discount for children up to 12 years of age. All the other age groups pay the full price.


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