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The best introduction to Split and Croatia, guided exclusively by certified guides with 500+ tours experience. This free tour follows the footsteps of Diocletian, a local peasant boy who against all odds became the Roman emperor and fierce prosecutor of Christians. His palace, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds historical sights, secrets, and stories that come to life on this tour. The Golden Gate presents the entrapment system designed to defend the palace. The main street leads to the central square - Peristyle, where the emperor would greet his servants as a son of Jupiter.

Jupiter's Temple is nearby but the emperor's mausoleum, today the cathedral, overshadows it in both size and design. Feel humble and small while entering the emperor's quarters through the impressive Vestibule. Imagine joining the emperor on a feast in his Dining Hall, laying down and enjoying loads of exquisite food and wine. Learn what the Romans ate and what we eat today. The cellars hold secrets from ancient through medieval all the way to modern times, hopefully, you don't stumble upon a dragon.

The medieval life was harsh but Split grew both in size and culture - see the Town Hall and meet the author of the first book in the Croatian language. He loved books but also women and drinks. Finishing on the Riva waterfront you will feel that you know Split by heart, where to go, what to do, where to eat, and how to spend the perfect holiday in Croatia.


The tour starts in the morning while the crowds are sleeping so we can have the streets of the Old Town for ourselves. We will focus on the unique history of the Dubrovnik Republic, a city-republic that existed for centuries among much stronger neighbors like the Ottoman Empire and the Venice Republic.

Dubrovnik people were sailors and merchants, among the best in the Mediterranean. Also, they were diplomats and spies, gathering and trading information. They cherished liberty as their highest value and were willing to do whatever it takes to preserve their independence.

This tour will explain how they did it for so many years while guiding you through this remarkable town. Along the way, we will visit all the historical sights including the St. Blaise Church - the patron saint had a lot to do with boosting the morale in difficult times, the Sponza Palace - the center of trading and relationships with the Ottoman Empire, Stradun - the main street, named so mockingly by the Venetians, Rector's Palace - where politics of the Republic was created, Cathedral - where the gold is stored, the Orphanage - where the Republic secured that no child is left abandoned and many more hidden gems known only to locals.

Dubrovnik Republic's history is a story of intrigue, diplomacy, power, and resourcefulness. Let us be your guides through it.


Welcome to Šibenik – a city with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will take you on a journey through thousand years of Šibenik's history, starting with the mighty Croatian kings, followed by prosperity under the rule of the Venice Republic, a century-long Austrian rule, and then the turbulent 20th century, full of conflicts and destruction. On our way, we will visit all the main sights but also hidden places known to locals only.

See the St. James Cathedral, an architectural gem built by the famous Juraj Dalmatinac. Take your time to explore the grandiose exterior covered with sculptures and ornaments. Next, we will enter the Cathedral to see the interior and learn about the unusual way the building was constructed - purely out of stone.

Just next to the Cathedral is the Large Loggia, the seat of administration set in the central square. The Rector's Palace once was the center of power and today it's an important museum. The Ottoman threat was so great that Šibenik's fortification system boasts four fortresses that overlook the Old Town. Learn about the need to defend the town and how it was accomplished.

While walking the stone streets you will hear stories of medieval life, legends and facts, noblemen and the common folk, merchants and soldiers, people and events that made Šibenik what it is today - a pearl of the Adriatic in which past times echo through narrow streets.


Book your spot for the tour and meet your guide at the Maršal Tito Square (main square) in front of the Boy with a fish statue for an interesting 1.5-hour introduction to Rovinj.

Rovinj is a fortified town that used to be on an island. Inside of the Old Town, the narrow cobbled streets hide well-known attractions and hidden secrets. Be our guests and let us introduce you to the history and everyday life of this picturesque town with a special visit to the highest viewpoint in all of Istria - the St. Euphemia's Bell tower.


This private tour is a 2-hour special introduction to the city of Zadar. Never becoming "yet-another-boring-tour", it focuses both on history and culture as well as the modern everyday life of Zadar.

The guide will pick you up at your accommodation if it's located centrally or will meet you in front of the Archaeological Museum at Forum Square.

The tour covers all the Old Town's main sights including Forum, Five Wells Square, Kalelarga, People's Square, St. Donatus Church, St. Anastasia's Cathedral, Sea Organ, and many more. The route can be modified according to the guests' interests.


Sign up for the tour and meet your guide next to Juraj Dalmatinac Statue at Trg Republike Hrvatske for a 3-hour food tour of Zadar. During the tour, you will taste and learn about the centuries-old delicacies of Croatian coastal region Dalmatia and Šibenik. The tour covers all the Old Town main sights and some of the finest local restaurants: St. Blaise Church, Stradun, green market, Jesuit Square, the Old Port, and the Streets of Karmen - all the historical spots where you will taste local food specialties.


For all the foodies who love to explore local cuisines! During a 3-hour tour, you will enjoy a variety of dishes from the Croatian coastal region - Dalmatia, ranging from traditional to modern classics, and find out more about local customs. It's a fun and informative tasting tour to the largest green market, but also local restaurants, and food shops in the very city center of Zadar.

The tour covers some of the main sights like the Roman forum, Kalelarga - the main street, the People’s Square, and some hidden gems while also tasting some typical Croatian and Dalmatian delicacies. Not to reveal all the details, you can expect some great prosciutto and cheese, fantastic olive oil tasting, a glass of local wine, some surprises for those with a sweet tooth, and much more. Our suggestion is - come hungry!


Sign up for the tour and meet your guide in front of Orlando's Column for a 3-hour food tour of Dubrovnik. During the tour, you will taste and learn about the centuries-old delicacies of Croatia and Dubrovnik. The tour covers all the Old Town main sights and some of the finest local restaurants: St. Blaise Church, Stradun, green market, Jesuit Square, the Old Port, and the Streets of Karmen - all the historical spots where you will taste local food specialties.


The Game of Thrones Free Tour in Dubrovnik is the best way to explore King’s Landing. The tour focuses on the series but also on its filming, cast and crew. You will learn behind the scenes stories of actors, their personalities, and their manners. Who was the biggest diva? Who drank most? Who passed out in a hostel? Hear stories from the people who were on and around the set while having fun and reliving the most memorable moments of this amazing series.

And for those who want even more - there is an optional add-on at the end of the tour. You can join us for a tour of the most impressive fort in Dubrovnik, rising on a cliff 37 meters above sea - Lovrijenac Fort, a part of Dubrovnik City Walls. If you already have a city walls ticket, this add-on is free of charge. If not, you can pay only the Lovrijenac Fort entrance fee.


Sign up for the tour and meet your guide at the Maršal Tito Square (main square) in front of the Boy with a fish statue for an interesting 2-hour introduction to Rovinj. The tour covers all of the picturesque Old Town of Rovinj, including both the touristy must-sees and hidden gems known only to locals. Follow the orange umbrella, explore the narrow cobbled streets and enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the hill - this tour is all you need in Rovinj.