The Old Town medieval alleys melt into the streets of the Downtown trendy bars and restaurants. Walk through the historic parts of the city to find out many unique and peculiar legends!

Zagreb is a central European city with a beautiful heritage under influence of Budapest and Vienna. A true capital of Croatia, it is the center of a thriving multi-cultural life, politics and business.

As locals, we can guarantee one thing – Zagreb has so much to offer for any type of traveler, especially if you know where and what to look for.

Once you get to Zagreb, make sure you plan your day to get the most out of it. There are a couple of things that are a definite must-do. Firstly, a walk around the Old (Upper) Town.

Get up there by one of the shortest funiculars in the world and check out must-sees such as the unique colored roof of the St Mark’s church. If you are up there some time around the noon, it would be a pity not to experience a surprising tradition that’s happening every single day since 1877. Make sure you find the Lotrščak Tower, get there a minute before the noon and wait to get shaken by the real cannon shot – boom at noon!

What do horses, shoes, and Zagreb have in common? Well… Zagreb has a U-shaped system consisting of eight beautiful parks that surround the city center, called the Green horseshoe (or Lenuzzi horseshoe). In each park, there is at least one important building such as the Croatian National Theatre or Art Pavilion. Make sure not to miss the walk around the horseshoe.

The next must-see is the Cathedral of Zagreb – a historical jewel of a sacral architecture style is a symbol of the 1000-year-old history. You’ll have no problem finding it as it is the tallest building in the city.

Besides the regular must-sees, we just adore this city because of many local routines, events, and happenings that you can experience every day. For example, have a cup of coffee in Tkalčićeva Street (so-called Bar Street), or talk to the Croatian historical characters during the Zagreb Time Machine exhibition in the streets of the Old Town.

Nature and architecture lovers can go for a walk to the botanical garden and Zagreb ZOO, or visit Mirogoj Cemetery, one of the most famous cemeteries in Europe.

A day in Zagreb can be just enough to experience the best of it. Grab a tasty breakfast in a bakery, relax over a cup of coffee while the city is waking up, walk easily to every beautiful sight and enjoy some great food, beers, and wines in the evening.

And don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have about your stay in our city.

The most popular
Zagreb Tours

Join us for a 2-hour walk with a local guide, tick off all the Old Town must-sees, find out what to do, where to eat and drink, where to go out and a lot of other interesting stuff!
2 hours
From 520HRK
There must be a reason why Plitvice Lakes is the most popular Croatian National Park and UNESCO Site - and it's not hard to find it! Breathtaking and untouched nature, fascinating waterfalls and crystal clear lakes will delight anyone who decides to check this Croatian must-see.

This day trip starts and finishes in the city of Zagreb, from where there is about 2-hour drive to the park. On your way there, you will stop in the picturesque watermill village of Rastoke, sitting on top of a maze of streams and waterfalls, where you'll explore the old watermills and authentic houses connected with many waterfalls and small lakes.

After stopping at Rastoke, you continue to the Plitvice Lakes, where your guide helps you to buy tickets and skip the line. In the next 5-6 hours, you will enjoy the lakes, a moderate walk, a boat trip and of course have some spare time and lunch break. Feel free to take your own food or buy your lunch in one of the restaurants in the park.

If you are looking for a big group day trip that will make your day trip less expensive, we would be happy to be your hosts in that arrangement either.
11 hours
From 185HRK
A walking tour where you will discover how was it to live in Zagreb during the turbulent years of its recent history.

You firstly visit the World War II underground tunnels presenting the history of Croatia and Zagreb through the 20th century including the World War II, almost 50 years of communist Yugoslavia and the fall of communism in Croatia through the Homeland War.

The tour continues to the basement used by locals as a shelter during the air raids on Zagreb where the details of the Homeland War are presented through a video presentation. The tour finishes off in the Memorial Center of Bombing of Zagreb with the exhibition focusing on effect the war had on Zagreb.
2.5 hours
From 185HRK
This night tour provides guests with a new perspective of the city. Meet your guide and follow him into a hidden basement where the group will be joined by the spirit of the past, a virtual guide who witnessed the dark past of Zagreb.

The tour follows a personal story of four historical people who took part in gruesome events that happened in the dark streets of Zagreb. Follow their footsteps while they try to avoid the fate that awaits them.
1.5 hours
641 km²
801,349 (2015)
Famous citizen:
Ivica Kostelić (ski racer)
St. Mark's Square
Zagreb Cathedral
Stone Gate
Dolac Market
Lenuzzi Horseshoe
Mirogoj Cemetery
Zagreb City Museum
Museum of Illusions
Museum of Broken Relationships
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