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Vodimo vas na putovanje u tamnu prošlost Zagreba. Šećući lanternama osvjetljenim ulicama, doznajte zanimljive priče o tome kako je bilo živjeti u našem gradu prije nekoliko stoljeća, ali i detalje o najstrašnijim događajima u povijesti grada - na točnim mjestima gdje su se odigrali.

Tijekom šetnje Gornjim gradom, posjetit ćete skriveni podrum u najstarijem dijelu grada gdje ćete upoznati - Duha Zagreba, mističnu kreaturu koja živi u našem gradu stoljećima. Kroz njegovu priču pratiti ćete četiri stvarne povijesne osobe čije su sudbine neraskidivo vezane za Zagreb i njegovu tamnu stranu povijesti.


A walking tour where you'll find out about the turbulent 20th century in Dubrovnik. In 80 years, five different regimes controlled Dubrovnik, including the fascist Ustaša - Croatian movement and communist Yugoslavia under Tito. The communist regime fell apart during the brutal Croatian Homeland War and Dubrovnik wasn't spared.

On the contrary, the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was bombed and sieged for the first time in its centuries-long history. Relive those difficult times in the very streets where it happened with the help of photographs. These were taken by brave people who risked and even lost their lives to raising awareness of the terror that shook Dubrovnik in the 1990s.


Relive the 20th century in Zadar! Centre of fascism in the 1920s, an important nazi military harbor in the WW II, completely destroyed by the Allied bombing, reborn through difficult communist times of Yugoslavia and finally free after the terrible Croatian Homeland War - Zadar is all that and more!


This night tour provides guests with a new perspective of the city. Meet your guide and follow him into a hidden basement where the group will be joined by the spirit of the past, a virtual guide who had witnessed the dark past of Zagreb.

The tour follows a personal story of four historical people who took part in the gruesome events that had happened in the dark streets of Zagreb. Follow their footsteps while they try to avoid the fate that mercilessly awaits them.


Just one day in the city and you want to try the best stuff? Join us for the Taste Zagreb tour - check out all the best food locations with traditional and modern Croatian food and discover the locals’ interesting customs.


A walking tour where you will discover what it was like living in Zagreb during the turbulent years of its recent history.

Our first stop will be the World War II underground tunnels representing the history of Croatia and Zagreb throughout the 20th century, including World War II, almost 50 years of communist Yugoslavia and the fall of communism in Croatia through the Homeland War.

The tour continues to the basement used by locals as a shelter during the air raids on Zagreb where the details of the Homeland War are explained through a video presentation. The tour finishes at the Memorial Center of Bombing of Zagreb* with the exhibition focusing on effect the war had on Zagreb.

*Due to an earthquake that has happened in Zagreb in March, 2020, the Memorial Centre is temporarily closed and is not part of the tour.