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Croatian Highlights in 7 days - that's probably the best description of this tour, although the includes an additional day trip to Slovenia.

The route Dubrovnik - Split - Plitvice Lakes - Zagreb is the one to experience the most of Croatia in a week. It covers two completely different parts of the country, Mediterranean South and Central European North. Different culture, food, architecture, and lifestyle in general. But both so interesting and lovely!

Guided tours of 4 cities (including the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana), day trips to natural wonders Plitvice Lakes and Bled Lake, delicious Croatian food and warm local people - we call it a guarantee for a perfect vacation!


Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Four countries in 11 days. A bit of sightseeing and history, and a lot of delicious domestic food and breathtaking landscapes.

The tour covered two beautiful capitals - Ljubljana and Zagreb, where the guests discovered how does it feel to live in a typical Central European city. After discovering each of the cities, they went for a day trips to the nearby breathtaking natural wonders - Bled Lake from Ljubljana and Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb.

The second part of the vacation has been at the South of Croatia where they experienced a completely different culture, atmosphere, and lifestyle. Dubrovnik, as one of the nicest cultural sites worldwide, left the travelers speechless.

Day trips to Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina delighted them, both with cultural heritage, but also natural beauties.

One of the highlights of the vacation was Pelješac half-island where they visited the most popular and the best wineries in the country and tasted some fantastic wines made of Croatian indigenous wine varieties.

11 days and hundreds of experiences. We would say - a perfect summer vacation!


Although the group had to take care of the business aspect of their stay in the Croatian capital, our team made sure they experienced the best of Zagreb and Croatia. A bit of sightseeing of the Old Town, a day trip to breathtaking Plitvice Lakes, delicious food, lively nightlife and of course some spare time organized considering your interests.

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Zagreb, 4 days

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