Top 5 FREE things to do in Zagreb

  1. Take the Free Spirit Walking Tour

Join us on the Free Spirit Tour and get to know the city of Zagreb. We will guide you through the oldest parts of Zagreb, explore its history and culture, tell stories of past and present but also help you experience the everyday life of the city by suggesting you what to do and see during your stay. Allow us to introduce you to our city, just follow the guide.


  1. Mirogoj Cemetery

Just 20 min from the main square you will find one of Zagrebs hidden gems. A multiconfesional cementary built by the famous architect Herman Bolle. First thing you’ll is the beatuiful entrance with the Christ King Chapel in the middle. On both sides of the chapel are Arcades where the most prominent Croatian people are buried. Authors, politicians, artists and many more important historical figures found their final haven there. With all the monuments and works of art, Mirogoj can be percieved as a fine open air art gallery. Don’t miss it.


  1. Jarun Lake

The “Sea of Zagreb”, how it’s colloquially known in Zagreb, is an artifical lake in the southwest part of the city. The place where locals come to relax, jog, ride a bicycle, play sports, barbecue or just to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the sun on the beach. The lake is surrounded by bars, restaurants and clubs so you can visit it at any time of the day. Ideal time to visit it is during the weekends when it’s packed with people and activities. No need to say that Jarun is THE place during summer droughts. Anyone for a swim?


  1. Medvednica mountain and Medvedgrad

Mountain Medvednica just to the north of Zagreb is antoher popular weekend destination. If you are fed up with the modern hectic lifestyle then taking a hike into nature is a perfect escape for you. Enjoy fresh air, drink clear water from one of many streams, walk to the top of the mountain and be rewarded with the best view of Zagreb there is. Along the way you can stop to visit Medvedgrad, an medieval 13th century castle overlooking Zagreb, where from you can take some amazing photos. Be sure to check the working hours before you go.


  1. Graffiti? In Zagreb?

Yes! In the recent years street art has been booming in Zagreb so if u have the time and will to explore Zagreb on foot you just might stumble upon some amazing graffiti murals or Darth Vader water pumps. And we mean proper art as seen on the pics below.

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