Top 3 day trips from Zagreb

Zagreb, as the capital of Croatia, has a lot to offer. Rich in history and culture, with beautiful parks, interesting museums, lively bars and exquisite restaurants, Zagreb has only recently been discovered as one of the hottest city break destinations in Europe as well as starting or ending point of holidays in Croatia. Also, due to its central location, Zagreb is well connected with some of the most important  tourist attractions in Croatia. We are talking to our guests every single day, so we were able to pick top 3 day trips from Zagreb based on their opinion.

  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

The most popular tourist attraction in Croatia (alongside with Dubrovnik ofc), Plitvice Lakes are a true wonder of nature. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Plitvice Lakes are visited by millions of tourists from all around the world. Just a 2,5 hour ride from the capital this is the #1 day trip from Zagreb. The 16 lakes are arranged in cascades connected through breathtaking waterfalls, all of it surrounded with forest filled with thousands of different animal and plant species. The lakes are divided into the Upper and Lower ones so be ready for an at least 3 to 4 hour walk – if you take the shortest route. :) Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Summer or winter? Who cares, you aren’t gonna believe your eyes either way!

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2. Samobor

This small picturesque town has been the favourite picnic destination for Zagreb locals for over a century. Just 30 km from the city center, Samobor is the perfect pick for a day trip. Visit the remains of the Old Town on the hill above Samobor, take a stroll through the beautiful city centre or just enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine. If you are looking for a true local specialty try Kremsnita – a traditional chantilly and custard cream cake dessert Samobor is known for. The ideal time to visit Samobor would be in February during the carnival period. Every year in February the dressed up people of Samobor take over the town keys and found their own Carnival Republic which is all about having fun. So why not to grab the funniest costume and join the parade?


3. Trakoscan Castle and Croatian Upland

Proudly standing atop of a hill surrounded by a lake, castle Trakoscan provides a sight as out of a fairytale book. Built in the 13th century for most of its history it was owned by the noble family of Draskovic, whom we thank for the todays look of the castle and the surrounding area. Today it’s a museum that provides insight into noble lifestyle, history of the castle, the Draskovic family and also exhibits a great weapons collection.

While you are on your way to this staggering castle, be sure to stop in the small town of Krapina and visit the amazing Neanderthal Museum. Neanderthals represent a magical and mystical idea of the prehistoric people of Europe. They are one of the many secrets of the beginning of our species. Who were those people who lived between 30,000 and almost 300,000 years ago? This fascinating multimedial exhibition is set up as a time machine through the history of the Universe, the Earth and Man, leading up to the present day, and lays special emphasis on the Neanderthal period.

Get in touch with history, learn about the roots of mankind and finish it off by visiting a jaw dropping castle, all in a one day trip starting from Zagreb. What are you waiting for?

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