Rent a local

Get to know Zagreb with your local host

Experience the best of Zagreb with a local host

Organize a day with your local host just the way you want it. Choose whether you want to spend 3 of 5 hours with the host and what interests you have.

Your host will pick you up wherever suits you the best and help you experience the best of Zagreb.

3 hours with a host

80€ / 600 HRK

5 hours with a host

100€ / 750 HRK

  • Experience a local way of life

    Find out more about Croatian way of life, traditional food and drinks, local customs...
  • Explore Croatian food and wine

    Learn more about Croatia and it's diversity in preparing food and making wines
  • Explore Croatian history

    Learn more about Croatian turbulent recent history and fall of Yugoslavia
  • Tell us your interests

    Museums, cycling, parks, nightlife or anything else that comes to your mind


Price includes your guide, hotel pick up and drop off. All the expenses for the guests and the guide like food, drinks, museum tickets etc., are paid at the spot and are not included in the price.

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