Perfect 24 hours in Zagreb

Zagreb is a small capital, everything you should check out is in walking distance. Still, it’s big enough to keep you interested for a couple of days. If you are staying here for only 24 hours, we have several suggestions how to get the most out of it.

Take a walking city tour

Number 1 thing to do is to take one of the city tours. It takes about 2 hours of your time, but it’s definitely worth it. You will not only hear a lot of interesting stories, but will also get a lot of information on how to make the rest of your stay more interesting. If you are traveling on a budget, we suggest taking Free Spirit Walking Tour. It’s a free tour based on tips and goes every day at 11am. You’ll see all Zagreb must sees and get tons of information where to drink, eat go out, etc.

If you prefer tours with a private guide, there are plenty of solutions for you as well. For a regular private walking tours, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide you the best guides and best prices in the city.


Go for a traditional lunch

After a 2 hour walk you might want to sit down a bit, get some rest and eat something. :) If that’s the case we suggest eating something traditional. There are plenty of options, but we will stick to the best one – štrukli.

Štrukli is traditional Zagreb dish that every grandma will prepare for her grandchildren. It’s a baked dough filled with cheese, but also with some added flavours such as blueberry or even truffles. There are a couple of places with great štrukli, but our favourite is a small place in the very city center called La Štruk.



During the morning you have seen all the must sees, so afternoon can be spent depending on your interests. We’ll give you a couple of suggestions.

For history lovers, the best way to spend their afternoon is to join Croatian Homeland War Tour. You will hear more about Croatia in 20th century, fall of communist Yugoslavia and war for Croatian independence.

war tour (1)

If you are more about wine and food, there is a fantastic wine shop where you can go for a 2 hour wine tasting. You will taste different local wines and paired finger food followed with a short presentation by wine professional.

wine tasting cellar zagreb wayoudo

If you want to walk a bit more, we suggest two great locations – Maksimir park and Mirogoj cemetery. You can reach both locations by tram or bus and you will surely enjoy sceneries which every of those places you decide to visit.


For museum type of persons we have two great suggestions – Museum of illusions and Museum of broken relationships. You cannot make a wrong choice by visiting any of them.



In the evening the best way to relax is to visit one of many bars in the bar street called Tkalčićeva. It’s located a minute from the main square and that’s the place you will definitely find bar you’ll like.

If you are a beer lover, there is another great place for you – a beer street called Opatovina. That’s the place where you’ll find all kinds of pubs and bars with hunderds of different craft beers. It’s paralel to Tkalčićeva street, just above Dolac market and Ban Jelacic (main) square.

meeting point zagreb wayoudo

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